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Are Unisex Disabled toilets really genderless?

We happened across an interesting article recently on Scope’s website where they were discussing whether loo designers see the users of the disabled facilities as genderless.

Source: Scope Community

A guest writer on their Blog, Milo, presented a thought-provoking post about disabled toilets but from a very different perspective: the provision, or lack thereof, of multi-sex facilities within these toilets. More specifically, the general lack of vending machines for tampons, condoms etc.

Designed for People or Compliance?

It’s fair to say that most designers will follow the guidance set down in approved Document M for disabled toilet layouts and consider that they have successfully achieved compliance with the Building Regulations, job done.

Milo’s perspective shows us that as Designers we must remember that the building must be suitable for everyone, that we are designing spaces for Humans with all kinds of needs, and make sure that we’re not just complying with legislation and guidance. Oh, and we need to provide more mirrors.