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We provide architectural and building engineering services for commercial and residential clients.

Our range of services includes Architectural design, Structural design, advice on matters relating to
the Party Wall etc Act 1996, etc.

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Site Investigation


Site Investigations

Site Investigation Reports where a simple visual inspection has failed
to identify the true cause of building damage/movement.

We will engage the most appropriate specialist contractors, expert
supervision of the works on site and an interpretative report and recommendations.


Property condition surveys


Property Condition Surveys

Pre-lease condition surveys for business premises. Where works are
proposed to an adjacent property, e.g., under the Party Wall Act, it may be advisable to
carry out a condition survey to determine the presence of any pre-existing defects.


Party Wall


Party Wall

We can advise you whether your construction works fall subject to the
Party Wall Act, and how to prepare and serve Notices under the Act.

We can be appointed as a Party Wall Surveyor should you find yourself in
a dispute under the Act.


Building Design


Building Design

Comprehensive building design service for commercial and domestic
Clients; Planning permission, Listed Buildings Consent and Building Regulation approval.


Structural steel beam design


Structural Design

Structural calculations for steel beams, wall removals, foundations,
retaining walls, brickwork stability etc. These can be either to our own designs or to plans
prepared by others.


Structural Engineer Inspections


Structural Engineering Inspections

Structural Engineer’s Inspection and Reports, required when a property
has evidence of past or ongoing structural movement – such as fracturing or distortion to
walls, floors, roofs or internal finishes.


Subsidence Claims


Subsidence Claims

We can assist you in making a subsidence claim under the terms of your
property insurance policy or, if the damage may be due to Coal Mining Subsidence, we can
help you to make a claim against the relevant body under the provisions of the Coal Mining
Subsidence Act 1991.


Expert Witness


Expert Witness

We can provide a Technical Expert Witness service – typical issues
include structural movement of buildings and other structures, bad building practice and the

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