Building Regulations Applications: Rotherham

As of the 1st April 2019, Rotherham MBC Building Control have changed the way that they charge for Building Regulations applications.

Prior to 1st April, their fees were payable in two stages: a plan check fee when you submitted the application and an inspection fee once you commenced the works. They now charge a one off fee at the time of the submission of the building regulations application. This fee is equal to the plan checking and site inspections fees.

With this new system, once your works have been completed you must request a final visit from the Building Inspector to sign off your project in order to receive your Completion Certificate. This is an important document that will be required when you next try to sell your house. If you don’t have the final inspection carried out, then Building Control will have to resolve any outstanding issues with you before they can issue the Completion Certificate and additional charges will apply.

For more details of their current fee charges please visit the Rotherham MBC website.

If you think that this might affect your project, or you want advice on Building Regulations Applications, please give us a call. Our details are available on our Contact Page.

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