What shall we talk about?

Always a tricky one this, what should we be saying?

Hmmm, it should be topical, interesting and most importantly something we know plenty about.

We have been advised that the Blog is a less formal way of letting you know what we’re up to as a Company, so it could be a brief insight into a current project, or perhaps something we’ve recently become aware of that we want to share with you or simply an indication of the kinds of challenges we face day to day (for example, when asked what our profession is, it is often perceived as being a little… glamorous, well, a lot of what we do involves dusty lofts, damp cellars and less than glamorous sewers).

We love what we do and we get an immense amount of pleasure and pride out of successfully completing each and every project and so we’d like to share that with you as we go along, and of course it’s always nice to generate conversation so if you read something and would like to know more or have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.